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Here is a list of our currently operational apps


AstuteDoc is SaaS platform that helps doctors focus on preventive and remote care. AstuteDoc is aimed at the US Medicare Market. We connect with multiple medical grade IOT devices and help in the management of diabetes, blood pressure and other chronic diseases.


PvotXL is a SaaS financial planning and analysis (FP&A) software that helps businesses improve their financial performance.We connect with multiple accounting softwares and CRM software to enable seamless automation of data.


FresherByte: Cloud-based skilling and placement platform for entry-level IT jobs. We train candidates, connect them with employers, and offer a learning & hiring tool for companies and educators.


Dr. K. Premraj

Founder and Chief Mentor

Dr. K Premraj is a reputed retired Ophthalmologist in Chennai.

After starting Prem’s Eye Clinic in 1981 and growing it to a large organization. Eventually merging it with Vasan Eye Care and becoming its chief mentor.

Senthil Premraj

Founder and CEO

Senthil Premraj, a biomedical engineer, transitioned to SaaS entrepreneurship. He began at FUJIFILM Cardiology Informatics, Indianapolis, IN, then joined accelerators like Iron Yard Digital Health and Blueprint. Senthil sold his first product to ProactiveMD, SC, and now focuses on building scalable apps.

Our Motto

Scalable Products

All our products are cloud-based products that can scale to add value to the entire world

Small Town Focus

Our development center is in othakalmandapam and we focus on hiring people from small towns and training them to be amazing engineers and marketers

For Greater Good

We believe in building products that improve humanity as a whole.

Experts we work with

Ragul Rajalingam

Product Manager, SaaSTrail

Ragul has over 10 years of expertise as a software programmer, skilled in multiple programming languages. Now, he brings that experience to the table as an adept product manager.

Sooraj Suresh

Technical Architect, SaaSTrail

Sooraj, a seasoned tech lead, boasts 8+ years of programming prowess across various languages. 

Sanjeev Reddy

Finance Expert, PivotXL

Mr. Sanjeev is an ICAA with 15+ years lead finance experience in multiple mid-tier companies. Sanjeev is involved in promoting PivotXL. 

Dr. Vyas

Medical Expert, AstuteDoc

Dr. Vyas is a registered Physician in  Eden, North Carolina, USA. Dr. Vyas runs a high performing practice, former ACO founder and a co-founder of AstuteDoc. 

Our Team

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